Select Policy for Operations

MinPy integrates MXNet NDArray and NumPy into a seamless system. For a single operation, it may have MXNet implementation, pure NumPy CPU implementation, or both of them. MinPy utilizes a policy system to determine which implementation will be applied. MinPy currently has three build-in policies:

  1. prefer_mxnet [Default]: Prefer MXNet. Use NumPy as a transparent fallback.
  2. only_numpy: Only use NumPy.
  3. only_mxnet: Only use MXNet.

The policy is global. To change the policy, use minpy.set_global_policy. For example:

import minpy.numpy as np
import minpy

It is worth mentioning that minpy.set_global_policy only accepts strings of policy names.

@minpy.wrap_policy: Wrap a Function under Specific Policy

@minpy.wrap_policy is a wrapper that wraps a function under specific policy. It only accpets policy objects. For example

import minpy.numpy as np
import minpy
import minpy.dispatch.policy as policy

def foo(a, b):
    return np.log(a + b)

a = np.ones((2, 2))
b = np.zeros((2, 2))

# a + b runs under PreferMXNetPolicy
c = a + b

# foo runs under OnlyNumPyPolicy.
c = foo(np.ones((2, 2)), np.zeros((2, 2)))

# a + b runs under PreferMXNetPolicy again
c = a + b